Greetings Wonder Friends!

It’s amazing how much more you notice bugs and insects around you when its Creepy Crawling Critters Week.

Today we tapped into our creative side with some bug-inspired arts & crafts. There are a ton of ideas you can find online. I decided to keep ours simple.  They’re easy enough for the entire family to do, and they don’t take hours to complete. I’d say that each project took about 15 minutes with snack and playtime in between. I lean more on the side of quality-time instead of quantity-of-time. I turned on the music and we spent some time singing, talking, and creating together.

Water Color

The first project is something I’ve done with my students. You really can’t go wrong with water color. The materials are pencil, white paper, black sharpie marker, water color and the book The Bugliest Bug by Carol Diggory Shields.

I had Jack read the book to Maron and me. After Jack read the book we talked about what we remembered and noticed – then we got to work.

For this particular project I have one rule; the drawing must touch 3 sides of the paper. This helps little ones with scale. It sort of forces them to think bigger when they draw. If you ask a child to draw a critter on a piece of paper, the chances are that it will turn out small. If you tell them to make sure their critter touches at least 3 sides of the paper, then you’ll get a larger-than-life drawing (a trick I learned in art class). By the way, if possible, I always remove the brown and black from the water color tray – or put some tape over them.  Black and brown will make almost every childs water color painting, well…black and brown.There are 3 simple steps. Draw your critter in pencil, outline in black, water color. Ta-da!



This one is pretty simple as well. I found it online here. I won’t go into all the details since you can probably figure out the process by the finished product alone.  For little ones there is scissor work and glueing involved – perfect tasks for fine motor work.

Again, there are a ton of craft resources available online. I picked something simple that allowed me to work with what I had in our household craft-in.  I also picked a craft what wasn’t labor intensive.  I’d rather spend more time engaging with the boys than “doing it for them”. Even Maron could handle this one.


And that’s it in a nutshell.  I’m hoping you’ll be able to take some time to do some bug-creations of your own.  Alone or with your family there’s a lot in the bug world to keep you wondering. The weather is cooling down a bit and I do believe we have more bug hunting to do in our backyard.

Have a great day!


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