We wonder what you think of when you hear the word Mars

Do you think of aliens, the color red, or maybe the candy bar!

In less that 15 hours, the Mars Curiosity Rover is scheduled to land on Mars!

Our family was in Orlando, FL when the Curiosity took off into space. While we were not at the takeoff site, we were still able to see the white lines go through the sky.

We also went to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences for Madalyn’s birthday the weekend NASA was there and were able to learn more about the Curiosity Rover! Here is a link to a PhotoSnack of some of out pictures: http://snack.to/pu56ngwq.


I have found some very interesting ways to learn even more about the Curiosity Rover ….

With all of the great sites I have found related to the Mars Curiosity Rover, I think I like the Mars Science Laboratory from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (California Institute of Technology) the best!

  • You can follow the landing live and see the first images
  • This is a great way to learn more about the mission  (and I think it is in words that are understandable for students)
  • There are all kinds of multimedia interactives, images, and videos
  • You can even learn more about Mars!
  • You can keep up with the twitter feed of @MarsCuriosity
  • There is a simple way for students and adults to send a message to the Curiosity Rover!

Of course Wonderopolis also has a past wonder about Mars! #215 How Long Would It Take To Fly To Mars?



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