Middle schoolers are a very special breed….but I love them! This is the most formative time in a person’s life, so I look at teaching middle school not as just teaching them Science, but teaching them how to be productive citizens in their community. We learn about how to treat others with kindness and respect, how to work well with others, and how to use your time efficiently.

This week, I have been working with my 7th grade class to get them used to navigating through the Wonderopolis website. They are so excited about everything! Luckily, the school I teach at is in a 1:1 laptop program, so every student on campus has their own laptop. However, even if every student didn’t have their own laptop, we could have done it all together as a class and chosen a wonder to look at on the projector.

We all looked at the Wonder of the Day from Friday, January 6, “How Does Bleach Work?” (http://bit.ly/wy1qU1 ), since we are talking about the chemistry of life in class right now. After we had watched the video and read the information together, we then set out to discuss the Vocabulary for the wonder.

Once we had discussed all the vocabulary terms, the students were allowed to go on their own to find a wonder that really piqued their interest. Once each student had found his or her wonder to work on, I asked them to watch the video and read the information. Once they had done this, they needed to post an appropriate comment (they are middle schoolers, so I checked all the comments before they were actually sent!) to the wonder.

Their comments were so WONDERful, and really showed how much they enjoyed looking at the site. I think this will become a weekly exercise in the classroom…stay tuned!

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