Do you know what event in history occured on this day in 1944?

According to Thinkfinity:

On June 6, 1944, Allied troops landed on the shores of Normandy, France and launched operations against the Nazi forces occupying Western Europe. This pivotal event of WWII is known as the D-Day Invasion.

Thinkfinity offers some great resources including lesson plans, photographs, and activities, to help students understand some of the events that led to WWII and the D-Day invasion.

In the journal that my Grandfather wrote, he mentions things related to D-Day a couple of times along with some descriptions of the area where that invasion occured:

  • One day several hundred of us were loaded onto a troop train and transported to a port on the English Channel and put aboard an English ship for the trip across the Channel. We were unloaded onto one of the D-Day beaches. We spent the night there and I remember we had no shelter and nothing to eat except Spam. We were next loaded onto a troop train which would take us into Belgium. The trip took several days. We stopped in Paris but were not allowed to get off the train. The railroad had been damaged during the Allied push through France and the train had to stop every few miles while the crew repaired the track. We finally made it to Belgium where we spent one night. I remember staying on the second floor of a large empty warehouse. The next day we were taken by Aachen, which was totally destroyed, to a staging area on the edge of the Hurtzgen Forest.
  • A group of us were sent by truck along a one-way muddy dirt trail toad to Juin Company I, 12 Battalain, 4th Inf. Div. deep within the Forest. We arrived at an Aid Station and checked in with the 1st Sgt. I spent the night with an old veteran. He was probably a year older than I, but he had come ashore at Utah Beach on D-Day and had survived the Allied advance through France and Belgium and was now here. I asked a million questions for which there was no answer. We were separated the next day and I never saw or heard from him again.



My grandfather asked a million questions …. I guess that is a quality I am proud to share with him!

I feel so blessed not only to

still have my grandfather around but to also have his memories written by him …. These words provide such a unique and authentic look inside history!

Looking back at historical events plays such an important role in how we prepare for the future. What are some ways you can learn more about history? Reading, listening to interviews, looking a pictures/videos, and even talking are just of the few ways we can all learn!

I will echo the words a close family friend shared today on facebook as she remembered her father talking about how he piloted the landing craft from his ship to the shore at Normandy with soliders go ing into battle …

Thank you to all who serve and have fought for our freedom in every war…

This picture is of my grandfather, my father, and my daughter at her recital this past weekend

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