Last week, Allan and I (along with Pierre) went exploring at the Children’s Museum of Portsmouth.  It was a BLAST!  We learned lots of things like where food comes from, how to conserve energy, how energy works, and much, much more.

Here are some pictures that show us having some WONDER family fun!

There was a life-sized tugboat in the museum that kids could go on and explore.  This is Allan “steering” the boat.

Pierre’s hiding.  Can you find him?  The library portion was one our FAVORITE exhibits.

Cow fact:  In Virginia the average dairy herd has 130 cows.

Everything’s coming up daisies!  Including Pierre and DoPo (Allan’s new travel buddy).

Pierre’s such a good firefighter, he can fight fires without even looking!

Hmm…a leeetle too big for him.  The uniform fit Allan perfectly.  :)

He put DoPo (Domo + Po the panda from Kung Fu Panda, btw) in a dog house for “not behaving” on our adventure.

Lunch time??

Allan flexes his BIG BOY muscles on another ship.

Pierre and DoPo know the importance of teeth brushing.  Do you?

Allan…the future doctor?

He’s almost got it…

Yep! Definitely smart enough to be a doctor.  :P

Remember those toys where you could make impressions with your hands via soft tipped needles?  This is the same thing.  Larger scale.  This is Allan’s body.

My little Harley boy!

Figuring out how to launch a bottle rocket.

The self-proclaimed “Bubble Master” at work.

If Allan was a fire fighter, this is what he’d look like…kinda.

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