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Melissa Edwards wears many hats in K-5 reading and as an instructional technologist for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, and is well known for her ability to find and share resources! She lives in Kernersville, North Carolina with her husband, Neil, and their daughter Madalyn. When reflecting on how WONDER inspires the Edwards family, Melissa says, “As parents, we want to develop, support and encourage creativity and critical thinking skills in our daughter using art, music, books, games, drama, technology, sports and whatever is needed to accomplish those goals. Wondering together by asking questions and searching for answers fits perfectly with that!”

What color apple do you see?

For me being a connected educator means more than just being in and participating in online communities ...I think it is about being connected ...Creating, having, and/or exploring those connections no matter where and how they may occur ...Online and offline ...The image on Wonderopolis one day last week reminded me of that ...  What stands out t

Experiments That Fail?

I wonder if you would like to read a book with the title 11 Experiments That Failed?The title sounds a bit gloomy …But the faces I saw today after the book was read were not!I had a

Noticing, Wondering, and Learning Go Great Together!

So for about a week, there has been an unusual odor in the kitchen at our house …(I thought of Wonderopolis wonders #358#599 and 

15 Pages and 5+ Wonders ...

It is hard to believe that it is almost time for Miss Madalyn to go back to school!She will start 2nd grade in just a few weeks!Tonight at bedtime, we starting reading a book together ... Judy Moody Saves the World.As we read the first chapter, I kept noticing things that could be wonder on Wonderopolis!So I asked Miss Priss if I could borrow her book to reread the first chapter while she falls asleep!Th

I want chocolate!!!!

Do you know where the most chocolate is sold in the world?Any guesses?I had no idea until I saw one of the Fast Facts on National Geographic Education!I wonder why so much chocolate is sold there …I am ashamed to admit that when I think of National Geographic, I picture an old magazine


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