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Barbara Phillips lives in Hamilton, Ohio with her husband Dennis, and their two children, Benjamin and Elizabeth. Barbara currently teaches second grade at Monroe Primary. She believes WONDER “can inspire children of all ages to become engaged in learning. Children, by nature, are curious about their world and environment. By engaging children of all ages to explore their curiosity, they are on the path to becoming a life-long learner.”

Basketball Related Wonders

With the college tournament starting, it is a great time to do some wondering.  Below are some March basketball related Wonders at Wonderopolis that you may want to visit over the next few weeks with your students.#166 Who Invented Basketball?#183 What Is a Slam Dunk?#341 What Is Your Favorite Mascot?#490 Why Do Referees Wear Stripes?#5

WONDER WEDNESDAY - Asking and Answering W Questions

Happy Wonder Wednesday! One of the Common Core Standards we have worked on all year in second grade

March Wonders

Below are some Wonders from Wonderopolis.org that you may want to share with your students throughout the month of March.#34 Why Do We Change the Clocks Twice a Year?#116 Why Do Rainbows Appear?#159 How Do You Tap a Maple Tree?#163 What Are the Ides of March?#165 Who Was Saint Patrick?#168 Wh

Gearing Up for the Winter Olympics 2014

Here are some great Wonders at Wonderopolis to share before, during, and after the Winter 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  The Olympics run from February 7th to February 24th.  What a great way to spend time wondering with your family or class about the Olympics.#1104 Is Winning Everything?#933 Are You a Good Sport?#872 How Do You Break the Mold

Super Bowl Wonders and Activities

Wonderopolis has created some great Wonders to go along with the Super Bowl.  What a great way to build excitement and add to learning before next Sunday!  I'm sure students, a


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