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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Wonders to Share in December

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Below are Wonders at Wonderopolis that you may want to share during the month of December.Eat a Red Apple Day (December 1st)#367 Can an Apple a Day Chase the Doctor Away?End of Hanukkah (December 5th)#78 How Do People Celebrate Winter Holidays?Saint Nicholas Day (December 6th)#428 Who Was St. Nick?Letter Writing Day (Decem

Wonderopolis #WonderChat 2013-2014 Schedule

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    Below are the dates and topics for the 2013-2014 Wonderopolis #WonderChat on Twitter.  The chats are held the first Monday of each month from 8:00-9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  If you use Wonderopolis in your class

Snow Day Related Wonders

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While there are many winter related Wonders at Wonderopolis, I'd like to share some of the snowy related Wonders.  What's better than spending a snowy day wondering about weather and snow?  These Wonders would be great to share before an impending snow, with your class via social media when they have a snow day off of school, or upon the return from a day off of school because of snow.#79 Why Are All Snowflakes Different?

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