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Monthly Archives: October 2013

November #WonderChat

Phillips Family

In celebration of Family Literacy month, we are excited to have Peter H. Reynolds as a special guest host for the November Wonderopolis #WonderChat.  The chat will take place Mond

Wonder Literacy Bags

Phillips Family

I noticed last year that I had lots of nonfiction books and magazines that really were not being read or even looked at during reading workshop.  I tried a variety of ways to increase their use, but only a few high interest books and magazines were read on a regular basis.  In order to have the books read more frequently I decided to apply for a grant from the National Center for Family Literacy for $500.00 to create take home Wonder Literacy Bags for children to share with their families.I spe


Hankins Family

WHAT THE HEART KNOWS: CHANTS, CHARMS, & BLESSINGS by Joyce Sidman“We may no longer believe that words can make crops grow, prevent illness, or keep rivers from flooding. But we still believe in the power of words themselves. Why else would we pray, sing, or write? Finding phrases to match the emotion inside us still brings an explosive, soaring  joy.”It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Wonder Title to the Educator’s  Sandbox.There have been many titles I have considered posting.And, then. . .yest

Wonders to Use With Writing Workshop

Phillips Family

Below are Wonders from Wonderopolis that will support different kinds of writing you may do in your classroom.  Some of the Wonders could be used as a mentor text for writing that kind of piece, others help explain a particular kind

What color apple do you see?

Edwards Family

For me being a connected educator means more than just being in and participating in online communities ...I think it is about being connected ...Creating, having, and/or exploring those connections no matter where and how they may occur ...Online and offline ...The image on Wonderopolis one day last week reminded me of that ...  What stands out t

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