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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Wonders To Start the School Year

Phillips Family

Wonderopolis is a great resource to use in and out of the classroom.  Whether you use it daily, weekly, monthly or on special occasions, kids enjoy watching the videos and learning from more than 1,000 Wonders. Last year I made a list of Wonders to Use Throughout the Year.  Below is a new list of Wonders that would be great to begin the school year with to help build community in your classroom.#1013 What Does It Mean To Agree To Disagree?

I want chocolate!!!!

Edwards Family

Do you know where the most chocolate is sold in the world?Any guesses?I had no idea until I saw one of the Fast Facts on National Geographic Education!I wonder why so much chocolate is sold there …I am ashamed to admit that when I think of National Geographic, I picture an old magazine

"He Was Me" by Peter H. Reynolds

Phillips Family

The other day I was reading my Twitter feed and someone tweeted the video below by Peter H. Reynolds. http://youtu.be/k1UGZa3M7gM I began thinking about how this applies to teachers and parents.  How often do we let our own inner child out?  How often do we bury our own questions, wonders and excitement?  Do we spend enough time modeling and sharing these experiences with our children? I also began thinking about what opens or awakens my own inner child, excitement and wonde

A Fun Way to Travel

Phillips Family

Today's "Take 3 Minutes to Wonder" today at Camp What-A-Wonder asks, "What is the most fun way you have traveled?  Why was it fun?  How fast or slow were you traveling?" A fun way we have traveled as family was through the a

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