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Monthly Archives: June 2013

A Perfect End to Camp What-A-Wonder "Super Structures" Week

Phillips Family

This week the theme at Camp What-A-Wonder was "Super Structures." We spent time each night as a family wondering, learning and discussing about different structures in our area.  We discussed how they are built and what they are made of.  We als

Growing Over the Summer with Virtual PD

Caplin Family

I have been out of school for officially two weeks today.  As I look at the calendar and realize July is creeping around the corner, it is time for me to slowly begin to think about next school year.  Just baby steps that will begin my thinking. I am going to take part in #CyberPD on twitter reading:  Who Owns The Learning:  Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age by Alan November.  To participate in this opportunity there are 4 different ways.a)  You can read the book an

“Everywhere you turn, there is something to learn”

Edwards Family

“Everywhere you turn, there is something to learn”That saying goes great with today’s theme for Wonderopolis Camp What-A-Wonder (Wednesday: Fun Places All Around You) …That saying was on the back of one of the green Wonderopolis shirts Madalyn wore on our vacation …While we visited Massanutten, Viginia last week, I really understood the meaning behind that saying …I kept a list of all the thin

Wondering About Balance?

Edwards Family

As I watched Nik Wallenda complete a tight ropewalk close to the Grand Canyon on Sunday, I began to wonder how in the world he could balance on the 2-inch thick cable for such a long time …I know he has practiced

What is going on at Camp What-A-Wonder?

Edwards Family

Let's explore this week at Camp What-A-Wonder! (Click the image) 

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