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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Golden Rule Via Wonderopolis

Phillips Family

After winter break we spent time Building Classroom Community by learning, discussing and reading about Paying It Forward and Random Acts of Kindness.  On Monday when I checked out the Wonder of the Day #841 What Is the Golden Rule?, I knew exactly what we would be doing on morning Tuesday in order to continue our community building theme.After reading over the Wonder, watching the video a

Ice Festival

Phillips Family

Last night, my daughter Betsy and I went to our town's Ice Festival.  Before going, we checked out Wonder #433 How Do You Sculpt Ice? to find out how the ice was sculpted into some amazing works of art.  While viewing all of the ice sculptures, we realized how many went with the different Wonders at Wonderopolis.org.  I'm always amazed when visiting local events at how many connections can be made to different Wonders.  Be sure to check out Wonderopolis

Math-A-Palooza with Buddies

Caplin Family

"I never knew math could be that fun" exclaimed Joey. Who knew that gumdrops could make a decagon? Let me help you count your skittles into groups of 2.These were just some of the conversations that we (Shelly and I) heard during Math-A-Palooza dur

Winter Wonders to Use in the Classroom

Phillips Family

Below are some of the wonderful Wonders that are associated with the winter months.  I have also included a few ideas/suggestions of how you could use or extend the Wonders in your classroom. #51 What Do Bees Do in Winter? This Wonder is great to compare with Wonders #144 Do All Birds Fly South In the Winter?#410 Who Takes the Longest Nap? and #469 What Do Animals S

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