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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Calling All Learning a Wonder

Edwards Family

A conversation from this afternoon:Me: When I say Wonderopolis, what do you think of?Madalyn: WondersMe: Which wonders?Madalyn: Why you need to wear a seat belt to be safeMe: Was that something you talked about at school?Madalyn: Yes and we used dummies. We did a project with play-dough and built a person but it had no legs. Then we had to wait until we got to choose a car. I chose a green one. We made the car go down a ramp which was a clipboard on a tissue box. The first time the car hit a pencil a

Meeting New Wonder-friends

Fines Family

Last week my kindergarteners were treated to a special visit from Wonderopolis Ambassador Barbara Phillips and her 2nd grade class from Hamilton, Ohio.  Barbara and her students prepared a few special Thanksgiving readers theater pieces that they wanted to share. I was more than happy to provide an audience, and it happened to be a perfect opportunity to introduce live video chat for the first time this year to my kindergarteners. View Barbara's post about our visit here.

Wondering as a Scientist

Caplin Family

We (Sarah and I)  just started our first  science unit:  "Thinking as a Scientist."   I love this first unit because we push the students to think beyond the scientific method.  We ask them to think a

Connecting With Wonder Lead Jon Fines' Class Via Skype

Phillips Family

Last weekend, I emailed fellow Wonderopolis Wonder Lead and kindergarten teacher, Jon Fines to see if he would have time to Skype on Monday or Tuesday.  My students had been working on some Thanksgiving readers theaters and I wanted to give them an authentic audience to watch them perform.  He said he would love to connect with my second graders and have his kindergarteners watch us.On Tuesday afternoon we made our Ohio to Montana connection.  We shared our r

Engaging Families in Thanksgiving Seasonal Wonders

Phillips Family

Next week is a great time to spend learning and wondering as a family.  Below are several Wonders from Wonderopolis.org to share while spending time with your family.#45 What Is a Totem Pole?#46 What Is a Cornucopia?#53 Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?#407 What Does It Mean To Be a Native American?

Spread the Joy of Wonder

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