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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Do you remember your dreams?

Edwards Family

Dreams ...Do you wonder about your dreams?I wonder why I have dreams some nights and don't other nights ...I wonder why I remember some dreams so well but most of the time I don't remember them ...I wonder about my dreams for the future ...I found this great quote about dreams and used a picture Madalyn took to create this image ...

Using Wonderopolis for a Spook-tacular Writing Workshop Lesson

Phillips Family

Writing workshop is well under way in my second grade classroom.  Recently, our mini-lessons have centered around "word choice", and "showing, not just telling".  Furthermore, our word work practice last week centered around synonyms, so we talked about "so, so" words that we could jazz up a bit by replacing them with a synonym.  While reading aloud to my class, students have been busy jotting down words they would like to try to use in their own writing, and we talked about how those words could be used, and what types of words they can

Pumpkin Carving Time

Fines Family

Two giant pumpkins were sitting on our counter for nearly a week. This evening we took to our usual Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins. As the boys get older, the excitement seems to grow.  They're a little more animated and adventurous each year as well.  I was able to convince them they could go bare-handed into their pumpkins to scoop out the insides (something I typically ended up doing myself).  Well, who am I kidding? Other than drawing on the faces, I usually end up doing most of it since they don't have the strength to do the

How Far Will a Paper Airplane Fly?

Phillips Family

I'm not exactly sure how the topic of paper airplanes came up in our second grade classroom, but when it did my students wanted to know if there was a Wonder about them.  I told them there was, and we would visit the Wonder on a nice, warm fall day.  That day finally came last Wednesday.  For a Wonder Wednesday activity, we read Wonder #626 How Far Can a Paper Airplane Fly?, used the Try it out! section to make our own symmetrical airplanes, wondered about our airpla

Math Buddies Are WONDERful!

Caplin Family

 One of my goals this year is to focus on "rich" math  problems.  We are discussing rich problems during my math professional development (PD) and discussing different strategies to help students

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