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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Your Nose Knows

Brasdis-Nixon Family

Prologue:It all started on Monday with an innocent late night reading session.  I was in the middle of an amazing book by Jaqueline Woodson and I told myself I'd finish when the chapter ended, but alas! The chapter left me even more enthralled and I HAD to keep reading.The next morning, the tell-tale symptoms were a reminder of why I go to sleep before 2 a.m.  Stuffy nose, slight sore throat...I groaned in agony.  I knew that the next couple days were going to be murder and they were.

October #WonderChat

Phillips Family

As educators, we know that the home-school connection is important to a student's academic success.  One way that I encourage the home-school connection in my classroom is by using Wonderopolis.  This month's 

Wonder Words - Using Wonderopolis to Build Vocabulary

Phillips Family

Vocabulary development is important in all grades.  According to Sharon Taberski (2011), "we need to have an expansive vocabulary in order to be expansive in our thinking about topics and texts" (p. 103).  Furthermore, Taberski (2011) argues, "Children must know the meaning of most of the words in a text or passage to understand it" (p. 103).


Fines Family

"We have been in school for 19 days."We start off our math time with that statement (adjusting for the days in school of course). Nineteen days in school and my kindergarteners are moving right along. Wonderopolis has made an appearance almost every day...almost.  Some days we just watch the video and talk about it. Other days, the question and image on the Wonderopolis homescreen is enough to create rich discussion for several minutes. Our time spent with Wonderopolis - about 5 minutes in these early days.I'm always

Creating With Words ...

Edwards Family

I know this may sound crazy but I look forward to being able to wear sweaters again in the Fall ...Long sweatersThin sweatersWarm sweatersColorful sweatersLayered sweatersThick sweatersOld sweatersNew sweaters

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