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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Current Events and Youngzine?

Edwards Family

When you look at the logo above, what parts jump out at you?What do you think this is the logo for?Do you think Current Events?(That is not really the first thing that came to my mind)So, what do you think of when you hear the words: Current Events?(boring and old are some of the adjectives that come to my m

Camp What-a-Wonder™ Expert - Zach Slavin

Fines Family

Greetings Wonder Friends!This week we've been celebrating the WONDERful world of Creepy Crawling Critters at Wonderopolis Camp What-a-Wonder.  We've had some bug-filled adventures keeping us busy.We also have the pleasure of having Zach Slavin as our EXPERT during this weeks camp. Zach was a guest contributor for Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day® #652 - Where Do Bugs Sleep?You'll have a chance to meet him tomorrow evening, Thursday July 19t

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