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what do skydivers look like

amber - wjclhbhas

Inspired By… because........

can dreams come true

jackson - jax , AK

Inspired By… its never happened to me



Inspired By… IM JUST WONDERING.................

Why is there school

Inspired By… Stuff

How does your feet fall asleep?

Elizabeth - Yorktown , IN

I am wondering how some of the emojicons get chosen.

Kila - Justin , TX

Inspired By… For instance, there is a floppy disc, old radio, cd, a pager, and a VHS tape. I'm just wondering why those are there and not others. My class and I were talking about texting. The kids started to talk about how they text using emojicons most of the time. We were discussing writing a summary vs writing a note for fun. A student said that pictures could be a type of writing and his proof to justify was how we use emojicons. As I looked at the emojicons I could see when some would be used. Others, I wondered how they made the cut.

what is the English name for madari


HOW do you move your ears

HOW was god made

what would life be like without elecricety

why is there otriches

Aiden - gulf shores

Inspired By… i love ostriches

did we really evolve from monkys

jibril - alexandria

Inspired By… I thought that if we evolved from monkey than why are monkeys still here?

how many peas are normaly in a pea pod


Inspired By… my mom

How is dog sense of smell better than ours?

abigail - Blountsville , AL

Inspired By… I really wonder alot about dogs and I really <3 dogs.

Why is the sky yellow?

Melanie - Blackfalds

Inspired By… The wonder, "Why is the sky blue?"

are dinsors real

jack - jen

Inspired By… ?

Who invented cuneiform (the first written language)?

Leny - San Antonio , TX

Inspired By… I was inspired by my homework.

Why is the sky blue?

Synneva - Larchwood , IA

Inspired By… The sky

Can gerbils barf?

Noelle - Solon , IA

Inspired By… My pet gerbil

Why do boys have a different bathroom then girls?

Bob - Jimaica , DE

Inspired By… Me cause im a boy

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