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How do people cry?

Raena - IN

Hello, Raena! This great Wonder question was discussed in Wonder of the Day #1115! — Wonderopolis

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Nick - IA

Inspired By… My brother told me about it.

Hey, Nick! Check Wonder of the Day #356 to see more about your Wonder! — Wonderopolis

What would happen if a horse gets rabies?

Taylor - flattop , WV

Is a watermelen a fruit or a vegetable?

Inspired By… I never knew what it was.

Who made video games?


Why do people start laughing when they see someone laughing?

Elizabeth - Yorktown , IN

Hi, Elizabeth! We think you'll enjoy Wonder of the Day #1011! — Wonderopolis

How did people come up with letters, numbers, and words??

Emma - Yorktown Middle School

Inspired By… Spanish Class

Why do authors make books?

Grant - Yorktown , IN

Why do cats make a different sound than dogs?

Maddie - Yorktown middle school , IN

Inspired By… The wonder of can I get sick from my dogs.

How do you find a shoe size when your making shoes?


Inspired By… Also wanted to design things!

Can you get cancer from chewing gum?

Paige - Yorktown , IN

Who came up with braces?

Elizabeth - Yorktown , IN

Who invented braces and when did they first come out?

Abby - Yorktown , IN

How was wonderopolis created?

Jenny - Yorktown , IN

Who invented comic books?

Raena - IN

Is it true that when you sneeze with your eyes open they pop out?

Garrett - IN

Inspired By… I was wondering because I was sneezing in class

Why can’t we have snow in Hamilton?

paris - hamilton

How do they make a football field?

Why cant i play a game?

jordan - lndianapolis , IN

Inspired By… i dont know

How big can rain drops get?

John - Muncie , IN

Inspired By… Today

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