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why do birds fly

gracie - vinncence , IN

Inspired By… I saw a flock

what can you find in a museum

Is there a disease called Tymlitioinbghte

Inspired By… I had a dream about it.

how are solids made

why do adults swear?

Ella - waukesha , WI

Inspired By… nothing

What is the difference between an echidna and a hedgehog

Sally - Griffith

Inspired By… Tv has inspired me

Who made people??

why doesn’t the glue stick too the bottom?

Ashanti - Bowling Green , KY

Inspired By… supermac18's video

Hey, Ashanti! You'll find the answer in Wonder of the Day #315! — Wonderopolis

air pollution

Diana - Kansas City , MO

Inspired By… can pollution kill people

How do bones pop?

Lauren - Yorktown , IN

How is lightning made

Ethan - Oneonta , AL

Inspired By… A movie up talked about it but it didn't answer

Hi, Ethan! Check out Wonder of the Day #1193! — Wonderopolis

How do people float in space

Lilly - Snead , AL

Inspired By… Just wonding

What is the top predator out of all of the animals in the world


Inspired By… I watch shows about it but I'm not sure if it is real

Who invented money

Carter - MN

Hi, Carter! You'll find the answer in Wonder of the Day #1265! — Wonderopolis

What was the first car

how are rainbows made?

Hey, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder of the Day #116! — Wonderopolis


Why do people say Spongebob can make you stupid?


How do flower seeds grow

Who invented halloween?

Corrie - Ridgefield , CT

Inspired By… Halloween is coming and I really look forward to it.

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