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What do you do if there is a medical emergency in space?

Jennifer - Duffield

Inspired By… science class

how many people live in america

Harper - Buford , GA

Hi, Harper! Check out #764 Which State Has the Most People? — Wonderopolis

What would earth be like with no gravity or oxygen.

Ethan - IN

Inspired By… It just came to me

I am wondering why mars doesn’t have life too?

Isabella - columbia , SC

Inspired By… I was reading an article about different planets and why they don't have life.

Hi, Isabella! Check out #68 Is There Life On Other Planets? — Wonderopolis

why is moshi monsters awesome?

karen - NYC , NY

Inspired By… i play it

why is there a leap year

austin - shadycove , OR

Hello, Austin! Check out #514 Why Do Some Years Leap Ahead? — Wonderopolis

why do the grand canyons get deeper or what cause it to happen?

Jimmy - New York , NY

Inspired By… Well' I was just thinking "how does it get that deep and why?'

How are some people smarter than others ?

Amber - Richland , MS

Inspired By… I' m very smart

How many people are their in the world

Quinn - Owen withee , WI

Hey, Quinn! Check out #1204 How Many People Are on Earth? — Wonderopolis

What is the big bang

lainy - Fairfield , CT

Inspired By… school

How long does it take for a baby fish to grow

Anthony - Decatur , IL

Inspired By… I have fish

why do movie makers make chipmunks voice sound squeaky?

kiley - TX

Inspired By… just WONDERing!!

How do some viruses spread so fast?

Sarah - San Saba , TX

Inspired By… I was thinking about ebola

how do we always know the date and time

guy - sarotoga springs , UT

Inspired By… i don't know

Where is the Biggest House in the World?


Inspired By… Giant Museums

How are colors made

Megan - Dublin , OH

Inspired By… well, my favorite color is purple

Can zombies some day be real???

Anthony - Decatur , IL

Inspired By… I love creepy things

how paper are made

sophia - Weston , FL

Hi, Sophia! Check out #247 How Do You Make Paper From a Tree? — Wonderopolis

Why Are Girls Not Alowed To Play Football?


Inspired By… Our Brothers Play Football A Lot!

How do the space suits feel in space?

Jennifer - Duffield

Inspired By… Science Class

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