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Why do schools cancel school when there is no network

Kiaan - New Zealand

Inspired By… Why

What causes addiction?

Gordon - Omaha , NE

Inspired By… Well, I was thinking, Why am I addicted to video games? And how do people get addicted to drugs and other bad things?

Why do people’s breath stink

Olivia - Waukesha , WI

Inspired By… Because my friend is sitting right next to me and her breath stinks:)

Hi, Olivia! We think you'll like reading Wonder of the Day #1197! — Wonderopolis

Are ghost real maybe maybe not you never know

Emily - Highland village , TX

Inspired By… The are ghost real video

Who is the most famouse singer

Why do we have to go to school

will bulling ever stop?

gavin - WI

Inspired By… i am being bullied

Hi, Gavin. It's really important that you tell an adult like a parent or teacher that you are being bullied. An adult can help put a stop to it. — Wonderopolis

Why is the English language so hard


What happens to domains when they repel?


Do you have to sleep

Zachary - MI

Why do onions make you cry

Zachary - MI

Hello, Zachary! Check out Wonder of the Day #54! — Wonderopolis

Does heaven exist?

Mitchel - radcliff , KY

Inspired By… I don't know.

How is paper made out of wood??!!



Hey, Wonder Friend! Wonder of the Day #247 helps answer your question! — Wonderopolis

can you kill a ghost

bob - new york , NY

What is the meaning of life

Zachary - MI

Are there more girls than boys in the world or more boys than girls?

Amanda - Waukesha , WI

are gost rell

Hi, Wonder Friend! This question was discussed in Wonder of the Day #1317! — Wonderopolis

Why is a rabbit’s foot considered lucky?

Shannen - Weatherford , TX

Inspired By… I got a rabbit's foot and wondered.

how to polish nails


Why don’t we stay the same size as when we are born?


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