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What makes your hair so long?

Seemin - Sugarland , TX

Inspired By… I dont know

Hi, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder #503: What Makes Hair Grow? — Wonderopolis

How is a star made?


Inspired By… My awesome teacher!

If your got a cut in space would your blood just float around?


Inspired By… Space

Why do Your Feet Stink?!?

Emily - Twin Falls , ID

Inspired By… My Feet

Hi, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder #719: Why Do Your Feet Stink? — Wonderopolis

Why are people famous?

sierra - fffffgfggggf , CO

Inspired By… nothing

Who named football teams and how?


Is Steak Good For You?

Annoyms - Candana , HI

Inspired By… Well I Like Steak

Are there really Rainbow Fish? Where do they live?How do they get along with others?


Inspired By… We are studying the book Rainbow Fish in our classroom.... one of our students asked the question

Why does rabbit fur change in winter?

Amy - Bay City , MI

Inspired By… I am a hunter.

Are there aliens?

will - MN

Inspired By… the movie alien 3

Hi, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder #68: Is There Life On Other Planets? — Wonderopolis

Why do masai stand on one leg?


Inspired By… we saw it in a book

How many people live on earth?

Ryan - Hamilton

Inspired By… I like meeting new people and was wondering how many I needed to meet before there would be no one new still to meet.

Hi, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder #1204: How Many People Are on Earth? — Wonderopolis

How do TVs work?

Kennedy - Mclouth , KS

Inspired By… Watching TV

What is redstone?

Cody - millwaukee , WI

Inspired By… i was just wondering


Terrance - Milwaukee , WI

Inspired By… I was just wondering

Are ghosts real?

Annabelle - Wauwatosa , WI

Inspired By… ME

Are we really animals?

Amanda - wauwatosa , WI

How does friction work?

Cody - millwaukee , WI

Inspired By… discovery world

How are candles made?

Gavin - Delawere , OH

Inspired By… I watched a wax document

Hi, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder #443: How Do You Make Candles? — Wonderopolis

Why do my cats talk to me?

Becky - Fort banana , CO

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