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What is the difference between an echidna and a hedgehog

Sally - Griffith

Inspired By… Tv has inspired me

Who made people??

why doesn’t the glue stick too the bottom?

Ashanti - Bowling Green , KY

Inspired By… supermac18's video

Hey, Ashanti! You'll find the answer in Wonder of the Day #315! — Wonderopolis

air pollution

Diana - Kansas City , MO

Inspired By… can pollution kill people

How do bones pop?

Lauren - Yorktown , IN

How is lightning made

Ethan - Oneonta , AL

Inspired By… A movie up talked about it but it didn't answer

Hi, Ethan! Check out Wonder of the Day #1193! — Wonderopolis

How do people float in space

Lilly - Snead , AL

Inspired By… Just wonding

What is the top predator out of all of the animals in the world


Inspired By… I watch shows about it but I'm not sure if it is real

Who invented money

Carter - MN

Hi, Carter! You'll find the answer in Wonder of the Day #1265! — Wonderopolis

What was the first car

how are rainbows made?

Hey, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder of the Day #116! — Wonderopolis


Why do people say Spongebob can make you stupid?


How do flower seeds grow

Who invented halloween?

Corrie - Ridgefield , CT

Inspired By… Halloween is coming and I really look forward to it.

wat is going on inside a plant wen it is going?

Liam - Minnetonka , MN

Inspired By… I just never saw a seed from the inside while growing.

Balsam fir

why do women have to do all the work?

julita - oak lawn , IL

Inspired By… This inspired me because guys have a hard job and all the woman have to stay home and do all the cleaning cooking ect.

Who and why did people crate the English language?


Inspired By… Being really bord

how do magotts get inside a dead body


Inspired By… my grandfather

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