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Why are there different kinds of cholesterol?

Jamie - AL

who invented the cupcake shop

meaghan - phg , PA

Inspired By… i love cupcakes

how did JFKenny brain got lost

meaghan - pgh , PA

how can humans talk


Inspired By… I always talk and say to my self how do we learn how to talk

what is science

Ana - Pineville , LA

Inspired By… science fair

where is heaven and hell

djas - irvine , CA

Inspired By… i'm christian

what do markers taste like

abby - lexington , MA

Inspired By… my friends little brother asked for a marker and that made me think of a time when my cousin ate a marker

Why Do we need a heart ?

Lyaijah - NY

Inspired By… The Thing that inspired me was that we have a heart forever

Is our blood in our body blue?

Zuri - Wilson , NC

Inspired By… Everyone at my house is saying that it is!

Hey, Zuri! Check out #519 If Blood Is Red, Why Are Veins Blue? — Wonderopolis

How did god make himself

Amelia - Victoria. , FL

Inspired By… I really want to know how god made himself because nobody can really anweser that question and I really want to find out that anweser and that is why I am so interested how god made himself

why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster


Is there really an orange zebra?

Deana - Knoxville , TN

Inspired By… My friend told me that there's an orange zebra some where in the U.S.A.

Why do wires get tangled when not even touched


Inspired By… Just was thinkin about it

If the universe is so big why are we the only known life form?

Umair - Saskatoon

Inspired By… i always wanted to know the answer of this question. I asked my parents but they never knew the answer.

Why are minerals diferent kind of colours and so beautiful?

Mason - kw

Hi, Mason! Check out #1334 How Do Rocks Get Their Colors? — Wonderopolis

Why are yawns contagious?

Karen - New Castle , VA

Inspired By… It's something I've always wondered.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop

Kylie - AL


Kylie - Warrior , AL

Hello, Kylie! Check out Wonders of the Day #1252, #807 and #264! — Wonderopolis

I always wonder … !Why do we aspire to be like Edison,Newton,Copernicus, and not anyone like Zuckerberg , I dunno. Where are the great scinetist of today? Are they so busy tagging photos in Facebook?


Inspired By… I don't find any great scientist of today. Just thought

what was before the big bang

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