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why does a penny sink but not a boat?

Damion - American Canyon , CA

Inspired By… science Question.

Great question, Damion! Check out Wonder of the Day #855 to explore your question! — Wonderopolis

Why is there halloween?

Heather - Monroe , OH

Inspired By… It is almost halloween.

Who made sports?

Matt - Monroe , OH

Inspired By… Football is going to start soon.

why do ducks quack?

Jon - ME

Inspired By… ... Nothing

What are allusions?

Katrina - Shawnee , KS

Inspired By… A Mythology lesson in class

How are dogs big?

Ayden - IA

Why do bug bites itch?

Paige - Yourktown , IN

Inspired By… I have a bug bite.

Hi, Paige! This great question was explored in Wonder of the Day #942! — Wonderopolis

Why do girls mature faster than boys?

Anabel - tulsa , OK

Inspired By… My brain.

Why is it important to remember September 11, 2001?

Inspired By… The anniversary of this event is this week.

Hi, Wonder Friend! Take a look at Wonder of the Day #343 to explore the significance of this day! — Wonderopolis

will dreams ever come true?

heni - bowling green , KY

Inspired By… just was bored and thought of it

How do messages from one cell phone to another travel?

Madison - Grand Forks , ND

Inspired By… I just want to know.

How are chips made?

Christopher - Coral Springs , FL

Inspired By… I love chips

Why are we here?

Skyler - WY

Inspired By… Creation of all

Wher the last name Van Velkenburgh came from and what does it mean?

Lisa - Dallastown , PA

Inspired By… That is my born name

Why do ladybugs have spots?

Larianna - Indianapolis , IN

Inspired By… I see a ladybug on the sidewalk

I wonder if mirrors work in outer space

bea - London , NY

Inspired By… I wanna know about it

Does washing hands really kill germs?

May - นนทบุรี

Inspired By… After touching my dog and after that I washed my hand all the time, it's my habit, but I still wonder that does washing hands really kill germs?

How does a lighter deodorise a bad smell?

May - นนทบุรี

Inspired By… Watching some series and there was a scene when someone farted in a car and his friends use lighter to deodorise smell.

Why is there lots of languages?

Freya - Edinburgh

Inspired By… There is lots of countrys in the world!

why are we ticklish ?

mackenzie - rome'tx , TX

Inspired By… my sister tickls me every day

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