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How do tornadoes get strong?

Zyudtray - Santee , SC

Inspired By… I love tornadoes

How do floods kill people

Keshawn - SC

Inspired By… I think that they drown in the die

Why do people smoke a lot?

Nasir - Elloree , SC

Inspired By… I think because they like to smoke.

Nasir, this great question was explored in Wonder of the Day #1296! — Wonderopolis

Why do people run out gas?

Nyasia - SC

Inspired By… Well, I think that when people run out of gas, they will call for help.

How come people can set things on fire with a magnifying glass, but your eyes don’t catch on fire when the sun hits your glasses?

Jenny - IN

Inspired By… I just looked out the window and wondered it.

what do monkeys really see

why is candy make with bugs

amanda - waukesha , WI

Inspired By… because people say that candy is make with bugs/insects

Why cant women be in the special forces?

Olivia - Salina , KS

How do Animals Eat

Shaye - Kingston

Inspired By… Because I don't know how they eat

How was the earth made?

Amy - Lawrenceville , NJ

Inspired By… We are writing "I Wonder" questions in class.

Hey, Amy! Check out Wonders of the Day #1277 and #1292! — Wonderopolis

who invented spong bob square pants

spongbob - ny , NY

Inspired By… spong bob

Who was the leader of the Mohawk Indian Tribe

Ryan - NYC , NY

Inspired By… My great great grandmother was a Mohawk

what do Iroquois do for fun

Makayla - New York , NY

Why do newborns breathe fast when they are first born?

Katelyn Jalaya - Elloree , SC

Inspired By… I just had a little girl cousin who breathes fast when she is sleep and awoke.

do you want to beld a snowman

ivy - burleson , TX

why is a iphone better than other phones?

magie - elizabethe , NJ

Inspired By… because alot of people say this and i wanna know what makes then think that

Why do newborn baby sleeps so much?

verniya - SC , SC

Inspired By… I have a niece and she is a newborn baby and sleep a lot.

When we have an eclipse what do people on the other side of the world see?

Aimee - sunde

Inspired By… The last eclipse we had.

Why can’t you swallow Gum?

Haley - Westminster , CO

Inspired By… I am chewing gum

Hi, Haley! Check out Wonder of the Day #557! — Wonderopolis


Emily - hacienda , CA


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