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What are nosebleeds?

Inspired By… I just had one

What is pain?


Inspired By… When it hurts, I wonder why?

What is dark energy?

Inspired By… Energy

Can a pine needle stop a bullet?


Inspired By… a friend

Do dolphins lay eggs?


Inspired By… Watching a documental about dolphins.

How do chameleons change colors?

summer - yorkvilleil , IL

Inspired By… chamaleons are real cool

Hi, Wonder Friend! Be sure to check out Wonder #651: Why Do Chameleons Change Their Colors? Enjoy! — Wonderopolis

Where do the United States names come from?

Mercedes - Sanford , FL

Inspired By… Looking at a map

Why is mucus different colors?


How do you get a sense of humor?

Angie - Los Angeles , CA

Inspired By… I wonder why I think something is funny and someone else does not

Why do humans not have tails but we have tail bones?

Fletcher - Timaru

Hi, Wonder Friend! Be sure to check out Wonder #964: Why Don't Humans Have Tails? Enjoy! — Wonderopolis

Why do people scream?

Alexi - Timaru

I wonder why we have wonderings?

bicky - pancake way , IA

Inspired By… everyone wonders?!? (^ ^)

How can a kid make a movie last an hour?

chloe - tranet

Inspired By… so I can make a movie

Who holds the world record for spending the most time Inside the house?

Neil - St. John's

Inspired By… I spend too much time pent up inside.

Could anything interrupt gravity as we know it and interrupt our gravity and cause our orbit to fail?Tammy

Tammy and Ken - OK

Inspired By… What keeps earth from falling besides gravity

Irrespective of weight, how all the human beings can walk without holding anything?

Wilson - Chennai

Inspired By… I saw a large man walking without any help

What is the name of the tenth planet?

johannsen - Quezon City

Inspired By… because scientist said that a planet is pulling planet uranus neptune pluto

Why have rainbow looms become a craze?


Inspired By… Everyone at school makes them

Why do dogs have tails?

Brady - Chenengo forks , NY

Inspired By… My dog has a big fluffy tail.

Hi, Wonder Friend! Be sure to check out Wonder #1111: What Tales Can a Dog’s Tail Tell? Enjoy! — Wonderopolis

How do people get close up videos of animals in the wild?

Room 11

Inspired By… Watching a penguin video

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