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Why do our feet fall asleep?

Elizabeth - Yorktown , IN

Hey, Elizabeth! Check out Wonder of the Day #583! — Wonderopolis

What is the most common color that people wear?

Ellie - Yorktown middle school , IN

How do animals make their noises such as bark?

Sydney - Yorktown , IN

Inspired By… I have always wondered this.

Great question, Sydney! Check out Wonders of the Day #1284 and #1218! — Wonderopolis

why are there parties in the government

garrett - hallsville , MO

why do camals have humps


how is paint made

Joycelyn - Vientiane

Inspired By… my friends and i are doing a project about it

what is the real story of how dinosaurs died


what started the universe


How old the earth is

Hi, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder of the Day #1292! — Wonderopolis

wind farms work

How do you get cancer?

Kierstyn - Rock Hill , SC

Inspired By… Why do people still smoke

What causes you to itch?

Mrs. Wymer's - Charlottesville , VA

Inspired By… We were talking about being itchy in literacy group and we began to WONDER what caused it.

Why are cheetahs so fast

Who invented drugs and why?

Lizbeth - Kansas City , KS

Inspired By… My school has been talking about how you shouldn't do drugs and to stay away from them. I know bad they are. I just wanted to know why someone would make it if it harms people.

I wonder how you choose your Wonder of the Day?

Sam - Flower Mound , TX

Inspired By… Using Wonderopolis

Can Guinea Pigs be trained?

Cole - Mercer Island , WA

Inspired By… I have two guinea pigs and I want train them. Is it possible?

how many kinds of animals are there?

kaylie - IA

How did the California regions come to be?

Abby - san marcos , CA

Inspired By… My students came up with this question as we were learning about California history.

What is the most healthy food in the world

Marko - Columbus , OH

Inspired By… my brain

How did Mars turn the color red?

Kelsey - larado , TX

Inspired By… My teacher inspired me, when we were covering social studies.

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