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What can dogs hear that human can’t?

Cloe - Cushing , OK

Inspired By… I've always wanted to know what dogs can hear that we can't because my dogs made me wonder what they were barking at.

Hi, Wonder Friend! Be sure to check out Wonder #1194: How Can Dogs Hear Things We Can't? Enjoy! — Wonderopolis

Why can’t we feel the earth spinning?

Mahimaashri - OH

Inspired By… The clouds are moving, but I can't feel the earth spinning

What do squirrels drink?

Amy - Oakville

Inspired By… my son asked this question

Can snakes crawl backwards?

Julie - New Braunfels , TX

Inspired By… My husband

How does a green screen work?

Suzanne - Moorestown , NJ

Inspired By… we are using one at school

Why do clocks run clockwise?

Sasha - Elk River , MN

Inspired By… Clocks, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Why did the lost colony vanish?

Sam - WI

Inspired By… Reading a book called 'The Lost Colony' by Carole Marsh.

About how many tees does a Pro- Golfer snap in half each season?

Sarah - Barrington , RI

Inspired By… I am a golfer, and I brake many tees while driving!

What is the most disliked food on earth? Is it a really gross vegetable like brussel sprouts?

Sarah - Barrington , RI

Inspired By… I hate them!

How do animals and people adapt to the different places in Earth?

April - Raleigh , NC

Inspired By… A brainpop video

How was the sun made?

Rusham - Sydney

Inspired By… Because I look at the sun and wonder.

Does the moon stay in the same place?

Camden - Tulsa , OK

Inspired By… Watching the sky.

How do giraffes sleep?

Mahimaashri - OH

Inspired By… I visited the columbus zoo.

How long is the life cycle of an average tree and what happens during it?


How many kinds of snakes are there?

Amber - Dublin , OH

Inspired By… I love snakes.

Where did gymnastics come from?

Rylee - Blairsburg , IA

Inspired By… I am a gymnast and on my way to gymnastics I thought of Wonderopolis

Why are robins eggs blue instead of red like their chest?


Inspired By… My 8 year old neighbour made the observation when we were looking at the eggs that fell out of the nest.

Why do we get sick and die?

Hi, Wonder Friend! Take a look at Wonder of the Day #1215 to explore this Wonder! — Wonderopolis

Why does everybody love what does the fox say?


How many people died on the Titanic?

Lilly - OH

Inspired By… I love to find out facts about the titanic

Hello, Lilly! You'll discover the answer to your question in Wonder of the Day #1231! — Wonderopolis

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