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When did Girl Scouts start?

Cora - Montgomery , IL

Inspired By… I am in Girl Scouts.

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How do rocks form?

Katy - Reeds Spring , MO

Inspired By… there are some huge rocks i wonder how they form

How is chocolate made?

Hailey - Montgomery , IL

Inspired By… I am inspired of this wonder because I love chocolate.

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What makes us all have different voices when we talk?

Sara - Covington , VA

Inspired By… Listening to people talk and hearing different sounds and voices.

What is the stuffing inside stuffed animals made out of?

April - Ponder , TX

Inspired By… I was touching the stuffing in one of my build-a-bears and I wondered what is this made out of.

Why was JFK assassinated?

Matt - Ft.Wayne , IN

Inspired By… JFK

Why did world war 1 start?


What is the end of the universe?


What is the strongest thing in the universe?

Oneyka - Guangzhou

Inspired By… Because of this web sight

What does a moth eat?

Layla - Rutherfordton , NC

Inspired By… I was catching bugs outside.

Why does my nose turn red when I cry?

Rachael - OK

Inspired By… I wrote this because I was crying and I was wondering why my nose turns red.

Why is the color blue always the favorite color to most people?

ghemar - hilliard , OH

Inspired By… I just thought that I asked everybody that I know what their favorite color is and they said blue and I thought the color blue has to do with something in your brain that makes you pick blue

How do your bones move?

Will - Huntersville , NC

Inspired By… I always wonder how are bones move on there own.

What is military time? Why do they use it?

Arianna - North Wales , PA

Inspired By… My little brother said it was 14 o'clock. I thought there was. No such thing...but my mom said there was.

Why do bees sting?

Grace - Kirkwood , MO

Inspired By… We'll I just think it is interesting how if you hit a bee it stings you back. I just wonder why

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Where do rocks come from?

Allison - Lebanon , OH

Inspired By… I was throwing rocks in a creek

What is the Lakota name for the moon in April?

Jenni - NE

Why do feet stink?

gracy - Twin Falls , ID

Inspired By… because after gym your feet always stink

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What makes glass so strong?


Inspired By… rain falling on the windsheild

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What Can You Mine With Terraria?

Bradly - Oak Harbor , WA

Inspired By… The Wonder What Can You Mine With Minecraft

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