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why does the black of your eye get bigger in the dark

lauren - Bluffton , SC

How can some people wiggle their ears?

Lindsay - IL

Inspired By… My grandpa can wiggle his ears.

How were humans made?

lauren - Bluffton , SC

Inspired By… your wonder "how was earth made".

I was wondering why do we sneeze

Alyissa - MS

Inspired By… This inspired me because we sneeze a lot sometimes

Hello, Alyissa! Check out #331 Why Do You Sneeze? — Wonderopolis

Is magic real?

Sarina - Dallas , TX

Inspired By… A book

when will pigs fly

I am wondering why the letters on a keyboard are not in alphabetical order?

Jane - albion , IN

Inspired By… Technology companies are telling us that kids today do not need keyboards. If they are using touch screen and not the old school keyboard should we reconsider the order of the letters to better suit typing or is the keyboard here to stay?

Hi, Jane! Check out #496 What Is QWERTY? — Wonderopolis

How Do Kids In Africa Survive?

Max - New York , NY

Inspired By… I feel bad , and wonder how they handle extreme heat

Funny boys


Inspired By… Nothing how about me

How does the Internet work?


Hi, Hussam! Check out #63 How Does the Internet Work? — Wonderopolis

what is ebola????

ella - minniapolis , MN

Inspired By… Im scared

who invented video games?

oliver - Richmond Hill

Inspired By… how they create the game from behind the scenes

What more things do we eat in thanksgiving

Inspired By… I need to write a story about it

Why do otters sleep holding hands?

why Pop Tart’s are called poptars


Inspired By… i was eating a Pop Tart

Where did civilisation start?

Lilli - Brisbane

Inspired By… I am not sure.

Who was born before Jesus

Alison - Bend , OR

I am wondering how does ebola spread and how fast will it spread?

Isabel_:) - san juan , UT

Inspired By… I just kept thinking about ebola with everyone at school making fun of ebola. Also , i thought why not be catious?

What is the most loved animal?

lainy - Fairfield , CT

Inspired By… me myself and i

How does a microwave make something hot

Awesome - Brooklyn , NY

Inspired By… My dad

Hi, Awesome! Check out #768 Who Invented the Microwave Oven? — Wonderopolis

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