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what makes us grow hair?


why do dogs bark?


how old can dogs live?


Inspired By… my dog is having trouble walking

whats the best skiing resort in united states?

Kaeman - oskaloosa , IA

Inspired By… i like skiing

How were video games started?

Alex - Oskaloosa , IA

Inspired By… I've always wonder how video games came to mind of someone.

Who is the oldest living person?

Laci - Woodward , IA

Why don’t dogs wear horse shoes???????


Inspired By… I read a book on horses in news ela

What is the fastest car?

Do your hair and nails grow after you die?


Inspired By… Friends

Does you hair fall out when you die?

Kaliese - Neenah , WI

Inspired By… I was thinking about hair and death.

When does Melatonin release from a human body?

Rylan - Morden

Who invented all the words?

Abby - Yorktown , IN

Inspired By… I had a spelling test.

What is the smallest animal living?

Ellie - Yorktown middle school , IN

Why do we have to have wifi to get on the internet?

Jenny - Yorktown , IN

Why do cats have small on their ears?


Inspired By… I was petting cat and it started twitching

how does hair grow?

Brenice - hershey , PA

Inspired By… because i want my hair to grow long

Can snakes get up to 55ft?

Hi, Wonder Friend! You'll find the answer in Wonder of the Day #674! — Wonderopolis

What is the fastest car in world?

ryllie - oskaloosa , IA

why cats are called cats?


Inspired By… i love cats

Who invented saints row 4?

Jonathan - Yourktown , IN

Inspired By… I play saints row 4 more than minecraft

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