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Why are some people duble jointed?


Inspired By… Carter h

what does a rock look like inside

Christina - Tulsa , OK

Why do people eat raw animals

Inspired By… People not cooking animals before eating them

How hot is the sun?

Tammy - Poplarville , MS

Inspired By… Our class has begun a study of the solar system.

Hey, Tammy! We think you'll enjoy Wonder of the Day #332! — Wonderopolis

Do dogs see colors why or why not

Inspired By… My dog

Hi, Wonder Friend! Check out Wonder of the Day #533! — Wonderopolis

Why do turtles squek

Omha , CO

How do walls get made?

Kennedy - Deerfield , WI

Inspired By… I think walls are important.

How come honey badgers are immune to the poison of deadly snakes like the king cobra or the black mamba or other poisonous snakes and animals

Zander - Crookston , MN

Inspired By… My brother asked me to write this one

airplane engines

Karen - Charlottesville , VA

Inspired By… Students' curiosity

We wonder how far can bats hear using echolocation?

Inspired By… We read a book about bats.

Can we live forever if we use technology in the right way?

Kierstyn - Rock Hill , SC

Inspired By… Discovery Channel

Why do we got to where uniforms in middle school?

If every myth starts with some part of truth were did some of the most common myths come from?


Inspired By… I was curious.

how many music sounds can can you?

Edwina - Parlin , NJ

Inspired By… my music did

What does it mean when people say “you are in a pickle”?

Taryn - CANADA!

Inspired By… My dad

Where does the universe end?

StarLion246 - IN

Inspired By… I watched a Stephen Hawking show that said the universe never ends and wondered how that is possible.

Why is blood red?

Brock - Fishers , IN

Inspired By… I have always been wondering about this since I was a little kid and now because of Wonderopolis I can finally get this answered

Who invented school?

Ella - Fishers , IN

Inspired By… My teachers

What causes Ebola?

Ella - Fishers , IN

Inspired By… School

Is Kobe real

Inspired By… Real

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