• Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance?
  • Has the Pledge of Allegiance always had the same words?
  • What does the Pledge of Allegiance mean to you?
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Which of the following is considered proper etiquette for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance?

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  • Do you karaoke?
  • Where was karaoke invented?
  • How does karaoke work?
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Karaoke is a Japanese word that comes from what two other words?

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  • What is the Heimlich Maneuver?
  • How do you perform the Heimlich Maneuver?
  • What are the signs of choking?
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The Heimlich Maneuver uses what trapped inside the lungs to dislodge a blockage of the airway?

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  • How fast can a tank move?
  • Why are they called tanks?
  • What are caterpillar tracks?
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Who developed the idea for the modern tank?

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  • Why are some drinks bubbly?
  • What is carbonation?
  • Why do sodas go flat?
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Who created the first drinkable man-made glass of carbonated water?

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  • What is QWERTY?
  • Who invented the keyboard layout?
  • When was the first typewriter manufactured?
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Which of the following is an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard that never really caught on?

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  • Why do rainbows appear?
  • What color is sunshine?
  • Where is the end of the rainbow?
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Which color in the rainbow comes after blue?

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  • who is the worlds best soccer player?
    daniela Rodriguez
  • Why does napping not feel so long?
    Ava short
  • Why doesn't water's boiling point go over 100 degree celsuis
    Diya Vartak
  • Why do farts smell bad?
    Gavin Maxwell
  • why do our personalties change when we get older?
    silver ston steen
  • why do cats lay on the floor alot?
    silver ston steen
  • Why are black lights called black when they aren't?
    Jairus Wolfe
  • How many dogs are in the world?
    Liam Brodie
  • how can you turn into werewolf in full moon
    marija lacmanovic
  • how much water does a avarage person need each day
    lilian michael
  • how to become invisible?
    Chetan Lohar
  • is cucumber a fruit or vegetable
    elysse samson
  • How can smoking harm you?
    isabelle ryan
  • why it said to my bio teacher man likes a whale
    ronald jorge
  • Why can't we remember the womb
    olive e.
    Published as Wonder of the Day #1337
  • What is the ugliest shark in the World?
    Logan Allen
  • Why do we call 911 in an emergency?
    katlyn whyte
  • what are people made out of?
    Tayla. Bain.
  • What would happen if a horse gets rabies?
    rose love
  • why are some tigers white
    Caidence Hansen
  • What are the main ancestors of the lynx
    Tadhg Hogan
  • What is a 'Leap Second' and how does it work?
    Nabeelah Baccus
  • Why do wasps sting to protect their nests?
    romi frampton
  • how kaleidoscope works
    ananya Aneja
    Published as Wonder of the Day #594
  • Why do some people have stinky feet?
    Lucy Connors
  • why does diet pepsi make me sweat?
    margaret gilbert
  • Why does fast food look different in the adds then in real life
    Sophie And Skye
  • what year was time invented
    Peace humor
  • Why do people get car-sick?
    brady L
    Published as Wonder of the Day #578
  • why do things form
    daniel brienesse
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Top Nominated Wonder Questions:

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    If the universe is so big, why are we the only known life form?

    Umair Khan

  • +458

    Why are minerals diferent kind of colours and so beautiful?

    Mason D

  • +454

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

  • +374

    Why do pianos have 88 keys?

  • +357

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +319

    How strong is a horse?

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What did you do today that your students will remember?

While I was attending the NCFL Conference, someone asked me if I knew the Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis that day ….I had to sadly admit that I did not know …But I quickly found out:While in a 4th grade classroom today, I gave an instruction to students getting


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If your city allows you to throw all of your recyclable materials in the same bin, then your city uses a process called “single-stream recycling…

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