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Welcome, early bird! We’re glad you’re ahead of the crowd to sign up for Camp Wonderopolis™, which officially begins June 16th. Camp Wonderopolis is sure to stoke your spirit of exploration, as you draw your own path through different tracks of Wonder and learning—as a group, as a family, or on your own. What will make you curious? What will make you want to explore some more?

Camp Check-in opens June 16th, when pre-registered Campers and Counselors will be able to set up full accounts and get started with their Camp Wonderopolis experience. We’ll send a special note as the big day gets closer. In the meantime, we invite you to check our FAQs for more information.


Camper Instructions

Hey, Camper! Just type in your information below and get signed up for a great summer of fun and Wonder! If you’re under the age of 13, ask your parent or guardian to approve your registration when they receive the Camp email. Then you can set up your own account and start your journey through Camp on June 16. We’ll send a special note when it’s time!

Counselor Instructions

Here you can help your own kids sign up and pre-register kids in your program so you will be able to follow their Camp activities, and participate and learn together! If you have questions or need help, contact us at Camp headquarters. If your child/camper is under 13 years old, we are taking extra steps to keep them safe online and following all federal guidelines. Your child will be able to have a Camp Wonderopolis account beginning June 16th.

  •   I'm under 13
      I am 13+, registering as a Camper
      I am a parent, registering a Camper under 13
      I am an educator leading a Camp program, registering as a Counselor

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Thanks for checking out Camp Wonderopolis. We’re excited you’ll be joining us! All Campers under 13 must ask a parent or guardian to register for them. When Camp begins on June 16, you’ll be able to create your own account.

More About Camp Wonderopolis™ 2014

Camp Wonderopolis follows a new model this year, enabling programs, families, and individuals to customize their experience to their own particular needs. Campers will explore different tracks of science and build their vocabulary, background knowledge, and literacy skills along the way.

When you register as a Camper (kids of all ages) or a Counselor (parents, library staff, teachers), you will be able to:

  • Select your own avatar
  • Follow your own path through six tracks of scientific exploration
  • Engage in Wonder lessons and test your learning to earn Wonder Cards® (42 in all!)
  • Check out what other Campers are doing and share your own experiences on the Wonder Wall
  • Keep track of your Camp activities on your personal dashboard (Counselor dashboards will track individual and groups of Campers—perfect for parents, libraries, and summer learning programs)
  • Try out fun, hands-on activities with everyday items
  • Compete in photo and video contests for a chance to win Camp prizes

Be sure to pre-register now, and stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!