• Who was the Iceman?
  • Where was the Iceman found?
  • How long ago did the Iceman live?
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In what year was the Iceman discovered?

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  • What makes a toy top spin?
  • Which physical forces are at work when a toy top spins?
  • How long have spinning tops been around?
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When a spinning top begins to wobble, it demonstrates the scientific principle of what?

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  • How can animals function without a brain?
  • What are some examples of animals without brains?
  • Can a sponge sneeze?
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Which of the following is NOT an example of an animal that has no brain?

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  • What time would you travel to?
  • Is time travel possible?
  • What is a paradox?
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A situation which appears absurd or self-contradictory is known as a what?

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  • What is an old wives' tale?
  • Are most old wives' tales true?
  • Why do so many old wives' tales continue to be passed on?
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According to one old wives’ tale, you should feed a cold but starve a what?

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  • How do websites remember so many usernames and passwords?
  • How many bytes of information do usernames and passwords take up?
  • How much text adds up to a gigabyte of storage?
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If you have a smartphone with a capacity of 64 gigabytes, about how many usernames and passwords could it store?

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  • Is it possible to regrow a limb?
  • Can a salamander regrow its leg if it gets cut off?
  • Will humans ever be able to regenerate limbs?
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Salamanders have how many more times the amount of DNA than humans?

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  • what is the most likeed animal
    Brianna c
  • what kind of sound does a fox make
    Brianna c
  • does food taste the same to everyone
    Brianna C
  • What are tears made of
    Upasana Banerjee
  • Why are people color blind if white light is all the colors of the rainbiow
    Brianna Carroll
  • What is gpa
    Lily Caner
  • How can a robot go to the bottom ocean without getting crushed?
    Gavin Dubois
  • What is gpa
    Lily Caner
  • why do we dream?
    Natasha Moris
  • what videos make people scream?
    William Hosch
  • Who Created God?
    Kyla Hanson
  • why are the wheels of the car round
    Leo Zhu
  • Is grass alive?
    Aryan Gary
  • what is melanoma
    Upasana Banerjee
  • How do you make hair ties?
    Teagan Kelley
  • what was the first animal on earth?
    Amanda Younger
  • what is the sky made of
    Kaden Workman
  • How do Fitbits work
    Kaden Workman
  • Why do we have marks under our eyes when we are sleepy
    Emma Sharon
  • Are colors a myth?
    Emma Sharon
  • what will music be like in 2050
    tomboy tarii
  • Is Yoda real?
    Billy McCormack
  • How are tears made
    Michael Daysee
  • Can human's go to space without a Sace gear
    draniya perry
  • why do elephants have 6 sets of teeth
    katherine bailey
  • why do i have a dirrrent skin color than my friend
    fluffy girl
  • can narwals go on land
    harlie williams
  • why is google not my bff
  • how far can a airplane go?
    benjamin James
  • Will we every teleport
    Darius Wright
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  • +2406

    What makes the ocean blue when water is clear?

    Ana Brossette

  • +2389

    What will school be like in the future?

    Meghan Pohl

  • +2329

    how was water created


  • +2316

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +2157

    Who made up gymnastics

    Khiyanna Fields

  • +2089

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

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