• Why did castles have moats?
  • Did all moats have water?
  • Did moats have alligators?
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What might a castle owner have to build to control the level of water in a moat?

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  • How is yogurt made?
  • Is yogurt healthy?
  • What kinds of bacteria are in yogurt?
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Which of the following is NOT an animal whose milk might be used to make yogurt?

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  • Why is Memorial Day a holiday?
  • When is Memorial Day?
  • How do people celebrate Memorial Day?
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If Memorial Day still honored only those who died during the Civil War, it might still be known by what original name?

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  • Do fish swim in schools in the summer?
  • What's the difference between shoaling and schooling?
  • Why do fish swim in schools?
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There usually needs to be at least how many fish swimming together in the same direction to be considered a school?

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  • How big is a dump truck?
  • What is the world's largest dump truck?
  • Why are dump trucks so big?
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If you had to replace all the tires on the BelAZ 75710, about how much would it cost?

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  • is reincarnation real
    viviana magana
  • Why do cats purr?
    Anita Weber
  • Why the storm is accompanied by thunder and lighting?
    Aron Kraus
  • when will the earth's ozone layer be fixed?
    David he
  • how to notice the difference between real and fake diamond rings
    rebecca sweeny
  • why do we need oxgen to live
    razzor donutverc
  • Do you dream when you're dead?
    Rachel McOuat
  • how do illusionist show you such amazing feats that ordinary people can't do?
    elsa drew
  • where is hogwarts?
    elsa drew
  • Can i go to hogwarts?
    Emily Lawrence
  • Is witchcraft real?
    alisin thornsberry
  • Who is the ladest inventor?
    Isabella lozano
  • Do you have an innie or an outie?
    sam cat
  • I wonder why people have stereotypes?
    Isabelle Lamont
  • Why do fish live in water?
    jacob pihama
  • I wonder how fast does the fastest car in the world go?
    Devin Mitchell
  • can babies be movie stars
    thomas cherrie
  • Are some gemstones bad luck?
    Audrey Sevastopoulos
  • Why are minerals diferent kind of colours and so beautiful?
    Audrey Sevastopoulos
  • Why do wires get tangled when not even touched?
    Audrey Sevastopoulos
  • How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop
    Audrey Sevastopoulos
  • Why can't we remember being babies
    Savannah Wilson
  • Are Elephants afraid of mice
    Flynn Ward-Allen
  • Why are clouds white?
    Giuliana Graczyk
  • Why are there different kinds of cholesterol?
  • who invented the cupcake shop
  • How can humans talk?
    nicki lamenta
  • what is science
    Ana Brossette
  • where is heaven and hell
    djas sfjsd
  • what do markers taste like
    abby gates
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Top Nominated Wonder Questions:

  • +991

    How can humans talk?

    nicki lamenta

  • +963

    Is the Five Second Rule Really True?

  • +939

    How did god make himself

    Amelia Urea it's o

  • +789

    Why can't we remember being babies?


  • +734

    Is our blood in our body blue?

    Zuri Cotton

  • +722

    Is there really an orange zebra?

    Deana Yordy

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Woodland Litter Critters ABC by Patience Mason

Books friends are the very best friends.Just a week ago, my good book friend introduced me to Patience Mason as Teri knows of my interest in ABC books, particularly when teaching classification as a rhetorical mode (a post for anot

Edwards Family

Is it raining resources?

Since it is raining outside today, I decided to go to one of my favorite resource sites to do a search for “rain” to see what I could find!The resources and ideas just flooded in …A few of them were the ones I expected …But some were so much more …Here are just a few of the many resources found when I searched 

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What did you do today that your students will remember?

While I was attending the NCFL Conference, someone asked me if I knew the Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis that day ….I had to sadly admit that I did not know …But I quickly found out:While in a 4th grade classroom today, I gave an instruction to students getting


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Who Came Up With Chewing Gum?

If you had a choice between chewing on a wad of tree sap, a mouthful of rubber bands or a stick of gum, which would you choose? If the answer seems obvious, you may be surprised…

Image #22

How Can Spare Change Make a Big Difference?

Many children are already involved in fundraising through their schools, scouts and churches, but bringing philanthropy into the home makes giving back to your community a whole-family effort…

Image #24

Do French Fries Really Come From France?

The French gave the world the hot air balloon, the sewing machine and the bikini. They even gave the United States the Statue of Liberty. However, one thing the French cannot claim is the french fry…

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Where Do Recycled Items Go?

If your city allows you to throw all of your recyclable materials in the same bin, then your city uses a process called “single-stream recycling…

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