• How much can the temperature swing in a single day?
  • Why are some mornings cold but the afternoons are hot?
  • What factors affect the temperature on a given day?
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Wild temperature swings can take their toll on your health if they trigger what condition?

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  • What is a mariachi band?
  • How did the word mariachi originate?
  • What instruments are featured in a mariachi band?
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Most members of mariachi bands wear what type of suit?

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  • Can you make a wish come true?
  • Why do people make wishes in various situations?
  • What do you wish for?
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Which of the following things is NOT usually associated with making wishes?

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  • What kind of pencil is your favorite?
  • Why are some pencils labeled number two?
  • Have pencils ever been made of lead?
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What type of pencil uses a mechanism to push small pieces of graphite through a hole at the end?

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  • How do scientists know how old ancient bones are?
  • What is carbon-14 dating?
  • Do scientists use any other elements to date ancient artifacts?
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Carbon-14’s half-life is approximately how many years?

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  • Do people in Mexico celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
  • What was important about the Battle of Puebla?
  • How do Mexican-Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
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Mexico celebrates its Independence Day on which day each year?

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  • How does Super Glue work?
  • What is cyanoacrylate?
  • What is the only thing Super Glue needs to harden?
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Instead of using traditional sutures or staples, doctors sometimes close wounds with what?

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  • How Has Music Evolved?
    Mia O'Connor-Walker
  • Who invented Musical.ly
    Saul Y
  • where did music come from?
    Nisa caldwell
  • How are people beautiful on the outside
    Celeste T
  • who invented musicly
    aisha ali
  • why is music and art so atractive??
    Emily Brown
  • what is pop music
    Addison wagner
  • who Inevented musical.ly
    baby ariel
  • What temperature does steel melt?
    Carrie Mathison
  • How can you make music?
    Aiyanna Sherrick
  • Wish
    Valentina Reyes
  • how might music change in the future
    jjasfad,d ajlsdalwlhd
  • how might music be inspirtational
    bobby builder
  • How does the temperature affect the height a tennis ball bounce's
    Noah Kohler
  • Isn't the polar ice caps full of oxygen? Aren't they being melted by Carbon Dioxide? Once the ice gets melted, shouldn't the oxygen in the ice be realeased, counterbalancing the Carbon Dioxide?
    Lizzie Murray
  • How was the solar system form?
    sattyrn yatchmeneff
  • how are pencils made
    erik sima
  • what make minecraft so fun
    julio cantu
  • why is pludo no longer a planet
    lillian mickley
  • is Hashmanill a real last name
    Taylor and Avery Ashman and Hill
  • Why zodiac sign can guess our personality and it is really true?
    Long Somethie
  • what is in inside your lungs
    makhia williams
  • How are stars made?
    Logan Custer
  • Do cats Growl?
    Innocence Dague
  • why cant you breath in water with out gear
    jaylin wiggins
  • Why do you need baking soda to bake cookies?
    D Cohen
  • Are puppymonkeybabies real
    mkdenfcms rc4knfj
  • how many barbie dolls are there
    Janyshia mitchell
  • can doogs see
    Ally Huyck
  • what made the moon
    lillian mickley
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    What makes the ocean blue when water is clear?

    Ana Brossette

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    What will school be like in the future?

    Meghan Pohl

  • +2105

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +2096

    how was water created


  • +1912

    Who made up gymnastics

    Khiyanna Fields

  • +1897

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

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