• Who made the American flag?
  • When is Flag Day?
  • What do the colors of the American flag represent?
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Which of the following is NOT a nickname for the American flag?

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  • What is a sinkhole?
  • How do sinkholes form?
  • Where is the largest sinkhole in the world?
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The largest known sinkhole in the world is in which country?

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  • What is the legend of El Dorado?
  • Where is El Dorado?
  • Who are some of the famous explorers who searched for El Dorado?
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Which English explorer associated with the Roanoke colony made two expeditions to try to find El Dorado?

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  • Are guinea pigs really pigs?
  • Did guinea pigs come from Guinea?
  • Do guinea pigs make good pets?
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Guinea pigs were originally native to which continent?

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  • Is there a cure for Alzheimer's disease?
  • What causes Alzheimer's disease?
  • How does Alzheimer's disease affect the body?
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Alzheimer’s disease mainly affects what type of people?

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  • Can you drink water from a stream?
  • What kinds of contaminants can be found in water in the wild?
  • How do you purify water?
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Which of the following is NOT one of the three main symptoms of water-borne illness in humans?

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  • How does soap make you clean?
  • What is saponification?
  • What kinds of substances do you need to make soap?
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Which of the following would you NOT find at the end of a soap molecule?

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  • How are babies made?
    Jack Spotter
  • why do we need to go to school
    layla powell
  • What's is Pokémon
    Nathan Newhart
  • Why do adults yell a lot?
    Youanna Ibrahim
  • why do humans pee
    KAITLYN Bernard
  • Why are scissors shiny
    KAITLYN Bernard
  • Is Life Real
    Max Kudlov
  • Why is air polution a thing people dont worry about
    Dominic Muehlebach
  • who made minecraft
    Michael Postiglione
  • why do chalk and nails make high piched sounds on chalk boards
    lucas nikoloski
  • ecology
    nm yfhu
  • Who's the best football player ever
    Austin jackson
  • if you get shot in the heart why does it killl you
    gorny rusbo
  • best baseball players of all time
    Austin jackson
  • can dogs get sick from humans
    raegan porta
  • how fast is a bee
    personal info
  • How was God created?! Or made
    Dawson Young
  • why cant we think of other colors
    breanna bellanti
  • How many dogs are in the world?
    Marleen Lopez
  • How can you tell if a snake is poisonous
    Kayla Lindsey
  • how do you know if your blind
    Bradley Brandson
  • how did we get are last names
    xander Wrubel
  • how did we get are last names
    xander Wrubel
  • why dont pigs fly?
    Gabby Ditto
  • what is the meaning of life?
    Gabby Ditto
  • why am i pritty
    tatiana miller
  • Who started Wonderopolis?
    timothy bohlen
  • why do dogs have four legs
    Salt Vinegear
  • Why do red ants bite people?
    Ethan S
  • Can dogs get sick frome choclate
    Ava Garben
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    What will school be like in the future?

    Meghan Pohl

  • +3083

    What makes the ocean blue when water is clear?

    Ana Brossette

  • +2915

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +2855

    how was water created


  • +2549

    Who made up gymnastics

    Khiyanna Fields

  • +2360

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

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Woodland Litter Critters ABC by Patience Mason

Books friends are the very best friends.Just a week ago, my good book friend introduced me to Patience Mason as Teri knows of my interest in ABC books, particularly when teaching classification as a rhetorical mode (a post for anot

Edwards Family

Is it raining resources?

Since it is raining outside today, I decided to go to one of my favorite resource sites to do a search for “rain” to see what I could find!The resources and ideas just flooded in …A few of them were the ones I expected …But some were so much more …Here are just a few of the many resources found when I searched 

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What did you do today that your students will remember?

While I was attending the NCFL Conference, someone asked me if I knew the Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis that day ….I had to sadly admit that I did not know …But I quickly found out:While in a 4th grade classroom today, I gave an instruction to students getting


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Are You a Good Observer?

Have you ever had a friend claim that he can't see the forest for the trees? If so, you may have WONDERed what this curious phrase means. If you can see the trees, how can you not see the forest?

Image #10

Can You Travel the World Without Leaving Home?

Have you ever WONDERed what it's like to ride on a dog sled in the Arctic? Or dance the Flamenco in Spain? There are so many places to WONDER about in this great big world, and there are lots ways to...

Image #2

How Do Streets Get Their Names?

When you hear Broadway, Abbey Road, and Bourbon Street, what comes to mind? Bright lights? The Beatles? Mardi Gras? They are some of the most recognizable streets in the world, and though you may neve...

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How Can Spare Change Make a Big Difference?

Many children are already involved in fundraising through their schools, scouts and churches, but bringing philanthropy into the home makes giving back to your community a whole-family effort.

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