• How old was Mozart when he started composing music?
  • Where did Mozart compose most of his most famous works?
  • How many pieces of music did Mozart compose?
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Which of the following is NOT a famous Mozart opera?

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  • Why do people get headaches?
  • What medicines do people take for headaches?
  • What is a migraine?
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Which of the following is NOT one of the causes of the pain of a headache?

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  • How do you solve a Rubik's Cube?
  • Who invented the Rubik's Cube?
  • When was the Rubik's Cube popular?
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If there are seven billion people alive on Earth today, about how many of them have probably played with a Rubik’s Cube?

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  • Do you leave a trace?
  • How do human activities impact the environment?
  • What can you do to minimize your impact on the environment?
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Which of the following organizations was NOT involved in the development of Leave No Trace Land Ethics?

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  • Have you ever tasted quinoa?
  • What are saponins?
  • Is quinoa healthy?
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Which of the following is NOT a health benefit of quinoa?

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  • Why do people go bald?
  • What is alopecia?
  • Have you ever tried a weird and wacky hairstyle?
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Which of the following is a reason for hair loss?

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  • What's the difference between canoes and kayaks?
  • Are canoes faster than kayaks?
  • How were the first canoes made?
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A paddler using a single-bladed paddle is probably paddling a what?

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  • What happens to yard waste that is taken from our curb?
    Katherine Schrum
  • Why does our nose run when we have a cold or when we cry?
    Unown Unown
  • how do clouds form?
    wil yeoman
  • Why are poos brown
    Poo Brown
  • How many galaxies are there?
    Shelley B
  • Why do some moths fly during the day such as the Sunset moth of Africa?
    max godfrey
  • why do people think that the minions are swearing
  • why do people fart
    celestino zotti
  • Why is soccer the worlds most popular sport?
    michael owenturner
  • Why are the characters in FNAF called animatronix
  • how do you complete five nights at freddys without fail
    celestino zotti
  • Who is the oldest human being ever discovered?
    Alex Cherberg
  • why do we have hair
    Hayden Grier
  • How does el nino affect the weather in the North Eastern part of the US?
    Maryann Torrani
  • Why is Mother Nature referred to as a female
    Josh Griffin
  • Can elephants choke on something in their trunks
    Josh Griffin
  • how was the sun made
    Amarion craig
  • Is there any starting inventions of talking to animals?
    Abbey Orange
  • how do babys learn their first words
    Sydney Orange
  • Why do bad words exist?
    haily jones
  • how does human migration affect people
    haley spring
  • What is the fourth dimension?
    Terri Small
  • what is the meaning of life
    Arindam Adib
  • how do ice machines work
    john fortner
  • What happend to Anne Frank
    Tyler Heagney
  • why do goldfish have three month memories
    Maya Cienfuegos
  • how was the first person in the world born
    Maya Cienfuegos
  • Why does Gravity exist?
    Savannah Frese
  • Why are sweets so addicting?
    Ryan Sanner
    Codi Johnson-Reed
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Top Nominated Wonder Questions:

  • +630

    If the universe is so big, why are we the only known life form?

    Umair Khan

  • +458

    Why are minerals diferent kind of colours and so beautiful?

    Mason D

  • +454

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

  • +374

    Why do pianos have 88 keys?

  • +357

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +319

    How strong is a horse?

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