• How are photographs put on cakes?
  • What type of ink is used on a photo cake?
  • Can you make a photo cake at home?
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Most edible paper has what flavor?

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  • What is a civil right?
  • Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?
  • Which civil rights do you value the most?
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Which of the following is NOT an example of a civil right?

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  • How many stars are in the universe?
  • How many galaxies are there in the universe?
  • What is the most common type of star in the universe?
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Earth is part of which galaxy?

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  • Where is the Oort Cloud?
  • How far away is the Oort Cloud?
  • What is a comet?
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The Voyager 1 space probe exiting the solar system will not reach the Oort Cloud for how many more years?

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  • Why does ice float in water?
  • At what temperature does water reach its maximum density?
  • Are liquids or solids typically denser?
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Water reaches its maximum density at what temperature?

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  • Who were the Brothers Grimm?
  • Why are the Brothers Grimm famous?
  • Did the Brothers Grimm write any of the fairy tales they published?
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Which of the following is NOT a fairy tale associated with the Brothers Grimm?

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  • What is your favorite movie snack?
  • Why do people eat popcorn when they watch a movie?
  • Has popcorn always been associated with the movies?
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Experts estimate movie theaters make what percentage profit off of concession sales?

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  • who invented music?
    Zoey Guziak
    Ava DelosRios
  • Why do stars twinkle?
    Lizzie Andrusishin
  • How can we navigate using the stars?
    Lizzie Andrusishin
  • why do some of us dont see shooting stars
    Alexandria gamez
  • why are they called super foods
    jazzmin lanfear
  • what is sublimation?
    tyler moy
  • How does a windmill make electricity
    Amreen Bhuiya
  • how many times can you possibly fold a paper?
    Terrance W.
  • Why do we dream?
    Dinesh Kumar Jha
  • When do you feel love or attachment
    Denis Stevesarov
  • How many animals are endangered because of human activity of any kind?
    Vanessa Richardson
  • Are we going through a mass extiction
    Vanessa Richardson
  • How many animals in the world are endangered
    Vanessa Richardson
  • How is magnetic silly putty made?
    Rosemary Roach
  • How fast can a car go?
    Ava Heitmeyer
  • how can we compare a humancell with an engine?
    venkata sai varun vuppala
  • Be born
    Danny Giacobello
  • How do you stop snoring?
    Alistair Jones
  • Black cloth absorbs solar radiant energy heavily. Can we convert this store energy into useful electrical energy?
    Dinesh Kumar Jha
  • Does the mass of an Electron of different items of the Element is same?
    Dinesh Kumar Jha
  • Scientifically the iron is more elastic than rubber. Why?
    Dinesh Kumar jha
  • if there any life in other planet
    smith dumornisse
  • Why is fire other colors
    Anthony Payan
  • Why is fire difrent colors
    Anthony Payan
  • How are legos made?
    Alec McMurray
  • whoo is the best magician
    travis BAILEY
  • Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?
    Mawara Khan
  • Why do people aren't interested in anime?
    Eileen Cho
  • whats a cats favorite color
    karina MAHADEO
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Top Nominated Wonder Questions:

  • +2872

    What will school be like in the future?

    Meghan Pohl

  • +2871

    What makes the ocean blue when water is clear?

    Ana Brossette

  • +2772

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +2735

    how was water created


  • +2548

    Who made up gymnastics

    Khiyanna Fields

  • +2360

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

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Woodland Litter Critters ABC by Patience Mason

Books friends are the very best friends.Just a week ago, my good book friend introduced me to Patience Mason as Teri knows of my interest in ABC books, particularly when teaching classification as a rhetorical mode (a post for anot

Edwards Family

Is it raining resources?

Since it is raining outside today, I decided to go to one of my favorite resource sites to do a search for “rain” to see what I could find!The resources and ideas just flooded in …A few of them were the ones I expected …But some were so much more …Here are just a few of the many resources found when I searched 

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What did you do today that your students will remember?

While I was attending the NCFL Conference, someone asked me if I knew the Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis that day ….I had to sadly admit that I did not know …But I quickly found out:While in a 4th grade classroom today, I gave an instruction to students getting


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Who Painted the Sistine Chapel?

What would you do if someone asked you to spend the next four years working with your arms raised above your head? Sounds like a form of medieval torture?

Image #27

What Would You Do on a Staycation?

You don't have to travel to an exotic land or make reservations at a fancy hotel to take your family on an overnight getaway once the weekend rolls around. There's plenty of adventure to be had just b...

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Why Does Jell-O Jiggle?

Over the course of his life, Peter Cooper built a very diverse resume. A former presidential candidate and designer of the first steam locomotive, Cooper also held the first patent for the manufacture...

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Why Do Superheroes Have Secret Identities?

What's that? Up there in the sky! It is a bird? Could it be a plane? No! It's Superman! He's coming to save the day. Criminals and villains had best beware. Superman will not tolerate any evil shenani...

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